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Answers to common questions.


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Is all your music free to download?

All the music on this site is free to listen to. You can also download the albums absolutely free on our Downloads Page.

Can I hire you to create music for my project?

I’m available for projects such as home videos, commercials, tv shows, movies and more. You can contact me on our Contact Page.

Is your music free to use in my videos?

Most of my music is available to use freely in videos, some are not. Contact me to find out if the song you’re interested in is allowed.

Where can I listen to all your music?

My music can be found right here on, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many other sites.

What music program do you use to make your songs?

I use Apple Logic Pro X to create all my music. It’s a great program and I refer it to anyone looking to create some magic.

Can I see your videos on Youtube?

Yes, you can watch all my music videos over on Youtube and also right here on absolutely free.

How long have you been making music?

I started making music in 2015 to help promote peace within and around the world. I continue to this day. 

Can I find your music on Spotify?

Yes, you can find my music on Spotify but all my music is not there but can be found right here at

Where can I download your music?

My music can be downloaded from our Downloads Page, right here at, absolutely free.

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